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Saturday, 31 December 2011


Ardbeg 1973/2002 29yo 51,4% Douglas Laing Platinum – 137 bottles

At first a little closed, some vague peaty notes coming through – some faint citrus notes as well
Given a little time it certainly opens up, lots of peat, old tobacco box notes – like stepping into that old specialist tobacco shop, despite all these heavy there’s still a remarkable freshness to it…

Tonnes of peat! – the heavy dark/black stuff – although it still manages to let through some of the lighter notes, again with tobacco/coffee notes and just a pinch of salt, is that ripe oranges/grapesfruits in there as well? …all things comes in never ending waves… The finish
goes on forever… especially the peat lingers, even after half a cup of black coffee, you can still taste the peat in your teeth – What a dram!! 95/100

I bought this bottle for 150£in a Mctears Auction back in 2005 with a friend, so only ½ bottle for me - it went down all to well (read: fast)

95/100! (tasted 21-06-2009)

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