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Saturday, 31 December 2011


Mortlach 1991 17yo 57%, refill european oak cask#4235, Adelphi

This is a strange one...

20mins out of the bottle - Big, oily malt, quite some rubber when first opened. Some sweetness coming through, mildly spiced as well, nuts? Maybe almonds?

24 hours later: Still big, now mostly on malt, sherry and spices and some fruit? now only just a slight rubbery nose that instead adds to the experience. Much more sweetness and spices coming through

20mins out of bottle – Follows the nose very well, the Mortlach ‘meatiness’ comes through middle-palate – but the aftertaste gives a blast of rubber that to some may seem unpleasant.

24 hours later – All on darker fruits (raisins?), sherried spices (cinnamon?) extremely drinkable now, the trademark Mortlach is still there, but very stylishly delivered – aftertaste now goes on barley sugar, some creamy sweetness like candied fruit (oranges covered in caramel) – excellent!!

With water:
Nose opens up a little – it becomes more fresh (as in not heavy) and increases the sweetness of the barley, Taste: water makes it more spicy with an oaky fizz on the finish.

After 24hours it’s certainly a bottle I would recommend :cool

84/100! (tasted 07-01-2010)

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