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Monday, 28 May 2012


Moving on to a Speyside favorite in this V-part review:

Mortlach 1983 18yo 57% xx.05.1983/xx.08.2001, Refill Bodega American oak butt#2378, The Bottlers

Now, here is a sentence for you 'Refill Bodega American oak butt' - try and say that fast when you have had a few drams. The description points towards a butt made of american white oak (quercus alba) instead of the traditional spanish oak (quercus robur) and then seasoned with sherry before it is used for maturing whisky - This is also practice much used by e.g. The Edrington Group for their Glenrothes and newer Highland Park expressions. Although, this is the first single cask I have seen from back as late as 1983.

So, whats this Mortlach all about?:

Colour: Light gold

Floury (gristy?), vanilla, cream, caramel, a little oak sap

Spice rack allsorts - from the heavier stuff you but in your meat dishes to the more delicate ones you use for baking (very much vanillas again)... Nutty, vinous and hints of short bread on the medium/long finish. Not at all the heavy character you get from, let us say, the Flora & Fauna Mortlach 16.

This is a very good one, indeed


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