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Friday, 25 May 2012


The first reviews featured here will be of 6 whiskies from Edinburgh indie 'The Bottlers'

Founded in 1993 and originally -and still is- a wine merchant, the style of most whiskies bottled by these guys are very much on the vinous side.

They have far from a big output, and the last ones to hit the market was back in 2009.
They have done some legendary bottlings of both cult distilleries Brora and Port Ellen and these are now very sought after on auction - usually going at almost ridiculous prices.

(Sadly) there will be neither Brora or Port Ellen among this series of 6, but there will be good whiskies in this series of reviews, for sure. Finally - more on the 'The Bottlers' here

Right, lets see what these guys are about - first one up is a head-to-head with 2 Springbanks:

Springbank 1993 16yo 54,8% xx.03.1993/xx.05.2009, ex-bourbon hogshead#218, The Bottlers

Pale straw in colour

Fresh, citrussy, grass, briny with a dash of peat

Much more peat in this one than the nose suggested, some bitter oak, porridge and cask vanillas lurking in the background. Very coastal indeed with seaspray, hint of old dock (tarry!) and ...more peat!! Close to a Longrow! strange since its sister cask is far from that... more on that below. Medium aftertaste.

Maybe not the greatest of Springbanks, but far from a bad one either


Strange these 2 casks having forthrunning number and #218 being from March 93' and #219 being from April 93'. Either they had a stop in production or a filling stop with their newmake spirit being held over night(s) before filling again.

Right, lets have a go at the sister cask... #219 - no point in posting a picture of that one, since its similar to #218 except for the cask number

Springbank 1993 16yo 53,5% xx.04.1993/xx.05.2009, ex-bourbon hogshead#219, The Bottlers

Pale straw in colour

Creamy, heavy style sweetness, honey'ed theme here, ver little peat, if any at all noticeable at all.

Oh, here's the peat, though not as big as in #218. Its oily, spicy, heavy and drying, but still very much an easy drinker. Medium/long aftertaste.

This is the better of the 2 casks IMO. It's clearly more multidimensional compared to #218.


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