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Thursday, 7 June 2012


Liddesdale 18yo 46% - batch 1, 2962 bottles, Adelphi

An undisclosed Bunnahabhain

Dark oloroso colour, hints of struck matches turning to rubber and back. Not my favorite style at all, but it seems to settle down after a short while... or maybe its just my nose adjusting. The sherry now comes through with nuts and raisins, but the struck match is still dominant - though not to a unpleasant level.

Though heavily sherried, its a lighter style of Bunnahabhain (Does that makes sense at all?) Maybe because of the 46% abv.? I'm not particular fond of the sulphury notes I'm picking up from this one as they seem to overpower the nutty and malty notes I'm also getting. Bitter oak and maybe some coffee also to be found on the finish.

Not my favorite for sure - though I do like batch 2 better, its not so heavy on the sulphury notes! Drinkable... but I kinda feel like its back to the drawing board with this one, sadly...


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