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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Have had a couple of young Bruichladdich lately, an older one -as in older bottling date- and a fairly new release, the 2004 Islay Barley. I have found both to be excellent sipping whiskies and both free of Bruichladdich's finishing regime, which is quite nice!

This first one was rumored to be the Ileachs favourite sipping whisky a few years ago.

Bruichladdich '10' 46% (b. 2006), Distillery bottling

Vanillas, white fruits, hints of lacquer, salt, mild sweet sherry influence

Beautiful arrival for a 10yo - again fruity, oranges in there for sure, melon, salt and other minerals and a hint of a perfumy note. There must be some older whisky involved in putting this one together.

A very easy drinker, this one... As mentioned above I'm sure I've read somewhere that the contents of this one is actually closer to 12-14 years than 10. Its a mix of ex-bourbon and refill sherry casks at a ratio of 80% bourbon 20% refill sherry where as the '15' bottled around the same time was 60% bourbon and 40% refill sherry.


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