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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


The second young Bruichladdich is -if this was a Springbank- one that would have been labeled 'Local Barley'. It's the first Islay-grown whisky to be distilled in recent times on Kentraw Farm Foreland.

It's made entirely from unpeated Chalice barley harvested in September 2004, malted and then distilled in December the same year. It's bottled on October 1st 2011 making it just a little over 2 months short of being 7 years old.

Let's try this:

Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2004/2011 50% Kentraw Farm Foreland, 6000 bottles from American oak, Distillery Bottling

Young whisky for sure, a dairy note, cereals, cirtus, grass and hay, hints of salt and seaweed maybe?

Bitter citric arrival, hints of newmake spirit, but in no way unpleasant, loads of bourbon cask and spirit sweetness. Water brings out grapefruits for sure and destinct barley and cereal notes.

A pretty well executed experiment, this one - would love to try some again when it reaches its 10th year, maybe...


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