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Friday, 22 June 2012


Its time to visit yet another of the Douglas Laing series - this time its Hunter Hamilton 'Clan Denny'. This series usually features bottlings from Grain Distilleries and the one below is no exception. That said, also malts are bottled under this label.

We're paying a visit to the Carsebridge Distillery in Alloa, not far from Stirling.
The distillery closed in 1983 and was demolished in 1992.

Carsebridge 1981 29yo 53,1% xx.10.1981/xx.xx.2010 1st fill ex-bourbon hogshead#6609, Clan Denny

Dark gold in colour

Heavy sweetness, like an American bourbon - Jim Beam comes to mind, coconut, exotic fruits, caramel - the sweetness is massive.

The American bourbon style is there for sure, spicy now, the sweetness and the fruits take over and then the oak spices hits again. Not terribly complex, but this is what grains suffer from in general.

Now, I may have a sweet tooth when it comes to certain things, but not grain whisky (incl. (most) American bourbons) I need the stuff to be spicy and then I still only have one dram.
This is why grains have never been a big hit with me....
Decent, though, for a grain since it also carries some spicyness.


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