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Thursday, 21 June 2012


Next distillery one up is a favorite of many whisky anoraks - and with good reason too...
Mortlach can be nothing short of sublime! That said, some terrible stuff has also been bottled by independant bottlers from time to time (sulphury stuff), but generally the output is of very high quality!

BTW, did you know that Mortlach was the first distillery in Dufftown to install electric lighting? and William Grant, the founder of Glenfiddich used to work at Mortlach before starting to distill himself?

Let's try this one:

Mortlach 1997 13yo 50% xx.09.1997/xx.09.2010 refill hogshead#6574, 424 bottles, Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask

Hang on - something immediately hits the eye here... 424 bottles from a hogshead, which is usually 250 liters and should yield 357 bottles with 0% evaporation - is this a typo from Douglas Laing and is this really a well used sherry butt? Its also possible (though rare) to see larger casks that are still labeled 'hogshead'.

Oh well, lets taste this:

Straw coloured

Fruits, spices, an strange oak nip, wet grain?

Vanillaed fruits, like covered in cake creme, pepper? nice rich mouthfeel

Maybe a tad simple but it works - a straightforward, real easy to drink Mortie


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