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Friday, 29 June 2012


Just recently, the Danish importer of Signatory has had another couple of bottlings done, exclusively for Denmark.

Generally the Danish importer has been very good at getting bottlings exclusively for Denmark, but notes on previous ones have escaped me and others I have not tasted, but lets have a look at 2 very recent ones.

First up, a whisky from the mothballed Imperial distillery in Speyside...

Imperial 1995 16yo 58% 09.10.1995/14.05.2012, hogshead#50317, 216 bottles, Signatory Exclusively for Denmark

Gold coloured


Nutty, creamy, light coat of (refill) sherry, very honeyed with hints of citrus and wet leaves.


Loads of things going on! Spice hit, mouthfilling, spicy alchohol marinated fruits, somthing like a mild sherry infusion and caramel. Waxy...
Adding a couple of drops of water makes it very citric after a while. Finishes on whisky flavoured bbq oak flakes.

Reminded me of a Clynelish several times during the tasting. Lovely!


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