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Tuesday, 3 July 2012


On Monday 4th June, I reviewed a sister cask to this one (cask#4721)
You can read that review here
Now let's try the cask filled just before the other one - the #4720

Both er are refill ex-bourbon casks and exactly the same age, so its should be fun to compare notes...

Clynelish 1997 14yo 59,1% from ex-bourbon hogshead#4720, 260 bottles, Adelphi

Golden amber in colour


Hint of oak first nosing, then vanilla and citrus fruits, Trademark Clynelish waxyness, peach and sweet apple crumble and a hint of 'Froggy' dishwashing detergent. With water more citrus (oranges) and vanilla comes out along with a dash of Irn Bru

Bitter sweet arrival, spicy to the level of european oak being used for maturing this one.
Peppery, nuts, salt and brine, more oranges and a nip of oak. Fresh oranges now for sure and that waxy delicious mouthfeel. All in perfect measures!


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