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Monday, 23 July 2012


Whisky from the Isle of Jura has taken a lot of beating on many occasions - and with good reason, since its not been very good in the past. This seems to have changed now and newer distillery bottlings are starting to pick up decent reviews.

This, however is an bottling from older stock, so lets see what that spirit and last but not least cask has to offer...

Isle of Jura 1988 24yo xx.04.1988/xx.04.2012 ex-bourbon cask#752, 51,3%, Archives

Straw coloured

Initially a byteric note? :-O ... then herbal, warm car engine, burnt plastic?
After 15-20mins, some orange/lemony notes peaks through along with a baked note and a handful of herbs. Grains lurking in the background.

Certainly tastes better than it noses. Whiffs of celery and herbs in general for sure. Exotic wood sorts... Honeyed and flowery and a citric finish with a hint of peat - decent dram now...

84/100! ... if you can get past the nose ...

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