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Friday, 6 July 2012


Lets move om to the second Bunnahabhain... the one from the end of the decade - 1979
This particular bottling has gotten raving reviews from other tasters and the price on it has been driven up, up and away on auctions...

Below, you can find out if I agree if its really that good...

Bunnahabhain 1979 31yo 46,5%, 1st fill sherry butt#8893 516 bottles, Adelphi

Deep oloroso in colour

This one I had been looking forward to… I mean, the color alone on this one – my worst fear was that I could be sulphur tainted – and I did read somewhere it had some struck matches in it… Luckily I was wrong! This smells of amaretto, maybe some kahlua, all sorts of coffee and chocolate notes, just a beautiful nose!

The taste is dry – really dry, and no sulphur there either *phew*
It’s one of those desert dry oloroso whiskies that just makes your mouth water like a waterfall to make up for the dryness. Not much Bunna left in this one, I agree – the only Bunna-thing I got was the trademark old Bunna ale notes midway towards the finish. Else, it goes on with clean sherry, chocolates allsorts, coffees, orange liquers.
Absolutely Bunna-licious!

This is certainly a dessert whisky and no need for a piece of chocolate cake after this one – a cracker and beats the DTC bottling by a 1-point margin.


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