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Saturday, 7 July 2012


Time for a Port Ellen trio over 3 days... First up a Mackillop's Choice bottling and then finishing off with the only 2 Port Ellens ever bottled by Duncan Taylor in their 'Rarest of the Rare'-series.

To my knowledge, this is the only Port Ellen ever bottled by Lorne Mackillop.
I've tried several bottlings from other distilleries in this series and they have all been good.
I wonder if this one can live up to that...

Port Ellen 1979 30yo 30.08.1979/xx.06.2010, 51,9% cask#5585, Mackillops Choice

Straw coloured

Wham! Already when you pour this one the massive smoke hits you. I poured this one standing up and solid peat smoke hit me even then – didn’t even have to bring the glass to my nose. Sitting down and spending a little time with this one, a sweetness comes through almost immediately too, like some candied and/or salt sprinkled nuts and a huge malt sweetness. Big, big nose!

Full force palate arrival. Salt, peat, some oak going to the back of your mouth.
Then malt - tonnes of it! Turning sweet with vanilla, fruit and an almondy note, maybe...then again massive malt sweetness turning all ale like and lasting forever! What a PE!


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