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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Once again I know that one shouldn't drink with your eyes, but this one... and as with many other dark sherry bottlings - they seem to fly off the shelves at retailers - especially if there's a prominent name on the bottle label... It was no different with this one, since the label said 'Port Ellen'...

Port Ellen 1983 26yo 54,6% xx.03.2983/xx.01.2010 sherry cask#674, 282 bottles, Duncan Taylor 'Rarest of the Rare'

Light Mahogany in colour

Been looking forward to this one... I mean, the colour alone on this one looks so delicous.
My hopes and wishes for this one is to have the perfect balance between sherry and peat.

It hits your nose with perfectly integrated peat and sherry, then sherry and peat - wow, just perfect! Just the right amounts of each brings this PE's nose right up there with the best.
heavily roasted, slightly burned coffee beans and hints of old rum, dark fruits and exotic spices. Lets hope the palate can keep up...

Bitter sweet arrival with oak, peat and high quality oloroso sherry - not a single off-note here! Again everything is beautifully measured to just the right levels in this one. The sherry, peat and smoky malt and dark fruits are just incredibly mouthfilling. The rum and spices also pops up again mid-palate only to fade into a sweet drying peat smoke that just lingeres on and on...

This is top notch peathead pudding for sure! ...and some of the best PE I've had along with the Mackillops from a couple of reviews ago!


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