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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Dow is another of the great Port Houses of the Douro Valley.
Founded in 1798 it has an unusual story since it started its business the other way around compared to British merchants at the time, who came to Portugal. Instead, the Portuguese merchant Bruno Da Silva settled in London and started his business from there instead.

Even the Napoleonic wars didn't stop Da Silva. He then fitted his ships with guns so they, under their own protection, could carry their cargo of fine Ports across the Bay of Biscay to England - a bold move in times where other Port companies saw their sales dwindle.

Its another rather prestigious producer today owned by the Symington family...this family though, has - to my knowledge - no connection with the Symington in the whisky industry.

Dows Vintage Port 1991 20%

4½ hours, cork only wet 3mm in - extracts in 1 piece

Dark cherry red with a slight watery rim showing

Good rounded nose with almost no alcohol, a tad simple maybe, with fresh must and a little mint and tobacco notes?

Slightly tannic hit on arrival, then rounds off, baskets of blackcurrant and some cocoa notes, slightly drying, Alcohol very well integrated

Get a little over on apples, acids, then back to currants, chocolate covered almonds, maybe? but definitely almonds on the finish after 7½ hours

Very very nice surprise, this one...
Note to myself: try and get another one of these and maybe leave it for 3-5y


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