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Wednesday, 11 July 2012


I thought it was about time, I tried and wandered elsewhere than whisky.

That said and it being summer and -for some- more a wine than whisky drinkers season, why not wander into another -though small time- indulgement of mine - Port Wines... so for the next few reviews this is 'The Port Desk' :-)

Instead of me writing up a large section on what Port Wine really is, I suggest new readers start by going here on wikipedia for a thorough explanation.

Lets get down to it, then - starting with 3 LBV's from prestigeous producer Niepoort:

Of Dutch descent and now run by 5th generation in the form of Dirk Niepoort, this wine house is a family business and was established back in 1842. It and also produces normal wines as well as the highly regarded Ports. More on the Niepoort website here

Niepoort LBV 2007 20%, bottled 2011

Decanted for 8 hours - no sediment in the bottle

Very deep red

Freshly crushed grapes, an immense sweetness, reminds me of red sweet fruitgums from when I was a kid, some blackberry marmelade style sthing also

Light on the arrival and palate in general, strawberry and elderberry, then starts to go dry very quickly

Still very much on the light side with the palate following through, this Niepoort is and very drying, even more than the e.g. 2004 LBV which I found very dry as well.

A very easy to drink LBV is you like a drying finish - I like its 'straightforwardsness' but not the most complex of Ports this one, I think - most enjoyable, but I'm sure a couple of more years of mellowing in the bottle wont hurt this one.

A very decent score of 86/100!

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