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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Warre was actually the first British Port House, established all the way back in 1670.
The first guy named Warre, though, didn't join the company until 1729...
Also owned by the Symington family, mentioned in the previous review of the Dow.

You can read more about the Warre House history on their website

This review will also conclude the Port section this time around.
As Port are usually drunk alot around Xmas time, its likely I'll revisit a few around that time...

Warre Vintage Port 1970, 20%

Decanted 2½ hours

A light wine to look at, and also pour...reminds me of 'Ribena' blackcurrant juice when pouring. Otherwise I'd compare it to a very light table wine in appearance. During those 2½ hours of decanting the colour went from table wine red to a slightly brownish hue, especially on the edge of the wine... impressive change!

First out of the bottle before decanting it was MASSIVE! Red fruits by the truckloads, now 4 hours later it's still fruity but alcohol is coming through as well, but is very multi layered - think maybe the nose as become more Colheita-styled as it's gotten some airtime (don't worry I not throwing it around) I'm also finding something I would describe as cask notes as from old whisky.

Mid-palate arrival, strawberries - alot! think some may find it a little hot? I find it drying... maybe some licorice, also thinking maybe converting your mum's cookie jar to a taste, (Vanilla?)

Long, ...yeah, well Loooong, the fruits/grapes lingering, sugars hanging on, coating the mouth, goes on and on and...on

When I uncorked this one, the cork was wet 3/4 through and I thought I'd lost it and the first nose dip into the bottle said cork, but fortunately this was not the case.
Cork also crumbled 2/3's down upon extraction, but managed to get the rest out by gently applying the cork screw again. Also a lot of depót in this one...the tea filter filled up nicely

93/100! - Could drink this all night!

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