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Friday, 10 August 2012


The Brora distillery, in the village of the same name on the North East coast of Scotland has the same status among Highland whiskies as Ardbeg does among its Islay bretheren.

The Brora distillery was originally called Clynelish, but when the owners built a new distillery just across the road in 1968 and named that one Clynelish, they, due to SWA regulations eventually had to change the name of the old one... hence the change to Brora.

During the 1970's, several production runs were moderately to heavily peated and the one below is from one such moderately run. It was released along with a few other Brora in the Rare Malt series - and is now highly collectable

Brora 1977 24yo bottled xx.10.2001 56,1%, 6000 bottles, Rare Malt Series, Distillery Bottling

Colour: Gold

Heavy style fruits, overripe apples and pears, very veggie in style (wet peat), vanilla pods, liquorice, getting even more fruity over time, now  with a mix of red berries and oranges. Sugared almonds and maybe hints of mint. Leather, livestock and primroses... Serious complex stuff!

Oh, wow... vanilla'ed fruits, peach/nectarine style with late arriving peat. Very oily mouth feel, very coating and full flavoured. Peppery spices and ginger... Chocolate covered lemon slices and peat hangs on in the aftertaste...

This is one cracking dram!


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