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Wednesday, 22 August 2012


The Sendai region in Japan was one of the hardest hit in the earthquake/tsunami disaster in April 2011. Luckily the Miyagikyou distillery is place 15km inland up in the mountains.
The rest of the region was not so lucky and was one of the regions hardest hit by the tsunami.

Miyagikyuo is owned by the other large whisky producer in Japan - Nikka - and is said to produce a lighter style of whisky, much akin to Scottish lowland whisky, but this 15yo expression is not one of those...

Lets try this:

Miyagikyou 15yo 45%, batch 18C32C, Nikka

Colour: Amber

Heavy, a little hint of 'dirty' sherry cask. Wet forest and decomposing dark fruits, mint, praline and crushed black pepper. With time the dirty feel from the cask goes away to expose a nice light layer of sherry. Also vanilla and a slightly perfumy notes appears with time...

Sweet'n'sour sherry, rubbery dark fruits and a drying element.
Seems a bit thin, though water brings out a bit more sherry and 'cleans its up' a bit...Getting peated with time and gets a Xmas cake thing going...

A decent dram... but had expected a little more...


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