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Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Back in the late 1990's, Springbank sold cask for private ownership to raise capital for their business. This resulted in quite a few casks in the hands of more ordinary people, rather than owned by the distillery and/or by some indie bottler. Due to Springbanks small stock some of these private casks have been bought back from private owner ship to fill the gap in the distillery's own stock.

Anywa, one of these private casks is reviewed below.
Its a cask bottled with the custom label for Springbanks private casks series and in a standard bottle. The cask is a split cask between 5 whisky loving guys in the mid-south of Denmark.

Springbank 1999 08.10.1999/xx.xx.2010 54,5% refill sherry hogshead#282, 297 bottles, Private cask for The Five Whisky Connoisseurs

Colour: Very pale straw

Sweet, then ashy peat...an extremely 'naked' Springbank - I'm thinking very much new make on some notes here... but it has still matured to a degree where the cask is speaking beautifully to you with garden bonfires, salty wood chips, delicate smoky pears, melon and olive oil

Immediate attack of sweetness, then sour and then hugely spicy. The smoky pears reappear followed by pleasant earthy peat notes to a level where you could mistake this whisky a Longrow. Its extremely coastal with brine, salt and minerals. Mid palate it produces some lovely grapefruit and tonic water notes following through to the finish.

Lovely 'naked style' Springbank!


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