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Saturday, 4 August 2012


One of the great cult whiskies from Campbeltown darling Springbank is the 21yo.
It has been bottled in several batches - the first one all the way back in 1985 in a clear dumpy bottle all the way up until today where, in late 2011 it was bottled in the Springbank bottles we know today. It hit the market with a staggering price tag in earlier 2012, but still the 1560 bottles released never sat long on the retails shelves...

The small amount released through time has always been because of the relatively small output and old maturing stock at Springbank, so when you get a chance to try this one, go ahead... its a rarity

Here's my take on one of the latest (2005) release:

Springbank 21yo 46%, Distillery bottling (2005)

Deep gold in colour

Very mellow vanilla'ed sherry, molecules of peat, musty oranges and the inside of a traditional dunnage warehouse comes to mind. A few Rum notes also springs into mind along with honey and chocolate muesli bars. Notes from of a Danish bakery shop...

Surprisingly fresh and with a good steady mouth arrival.
Then a thin layer of clean sherry finishing off with a bitter hint of nuts and the dried fruitmix you find in the stores. Some pleasant oak and honey in the aftertaste and a salty feeling along the edges of your mouth. Very well balanced malt! Textbook!

There's no ½ points in my book, so I have to take it up to 92/100!

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