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Monday, 24 September 2012


Ardmore is one of those distilleries that still lives in relative anonymity in the East Highlands, some 15miles south of Huntly. Still very much a traditional Highland Distillery, they insist on peating all of their malt to retain the old highland style.

Its more of an aromatic style of peat used at Ardmore and this also show in their whisky, which is far from as pungent as e.g. Islay whiskies.

Its been a while since I've had an Ardmore, so looking forward to this one...

Ardmore 1992 20yo xx.06.1992/xx.06.2012, ex-bourbon barrel#4764, 48,6%, 90 bottles, Archives

Straw coloured

This is just one of those noses... Incredibly complex, warm vanilla and pear/apple crumble, rosehip for sure too along with a layer of smoke and a beautiful measure of oak.

Spices first, then a dash of smoke giving away to fruit and honey - melon even?
The finish supply a sooty chimney smoke feeling, then getting very citrussy + peaches and pineapple too. Tannins follows this delicious dram to the end...

This is great stuff!


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