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Thursday, 20 September 2012


Malts from the Glen Scotia Distillery have long had a reputation for being 'not the best out of Campbeltown', though apparently a few good ones have appeared from the SMWS lately. GS often had a reputation for being metallic on the palate and generally not very pleasant, but maybe I'm certainly up for a try on this one...

Rumours says this one is good, so I'm diving right in...

Glen Scotia 1992 20yo xx.02.1992/xx.05.2012, hogshead#08/71, 50,4%, 80 bottles, Archives

Light gold in colour

Salty licorice, slightly medicinal, cough syrup style and crushed mint leaves and cinnamon sprinkled apples + a vague metallic and peaty note. Also a little freshly grounded black pepper.

Spicy arrival, then a malt avalanche sets in only to be replaced by some sea freshness/briny notes mid palate. Also finding roasted nuts, herbs and oil in here as well. Also maybe a hint of rum in here? Finishes off with more sweet barley and a little peat.

Best G'Scotia I've come across... 85/100!

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