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Monday, 17 September 2012


The Dutch boys from Whiskybase.com have been at it again by picking out some whiskies for us - and again they've come up with some good ones. This time too, they bottled stuff from all over Scotland and certainly, this time, around in a huge age-span - from 11yo to 50yo!

Lets start with the first one and see how it fares...

Macduff 2000 11yo xx.11.2000/xx05.2012, refill sherry cask#5803, 48,2%, 90 bottles, Archives

Full straw in colour

Some initial sweetness with a hint of yeast to begin with. Then some melon, honey and pineapple. Also in here are a little mint and wet lawn, as in grass and dirt and also maybe a little hint of farmyard.

Light and delicious arrival. Then it gives away to some more heavy notes of malt and coating oils that carries a spicy sweetness with them. Also more fruit comes into play here. Finishes off with a bit of bitter oak, but is saved again by fruits, before fading out.

I find it maybe a bit straight forward (and certainly nothing wrong with that!)
A very enjoyable malt, still...


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