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Saturday, 22 September 2012


Now, as I've mentioned before, I'm not that much into grain whiskies - I simply find them too sweet. After exploring my options a bit I then found, that North British carries a style that is still sweet, of course - but also a bit more on the spicy side, which for me, certainly does things to the otherwise sometime cloying sweetness that some grain whiskies have.

Its all a matter of personal taste, of course - I know people that lap up grain whiskies fast, but not here... usually 1 dram - and I'm good for the night!

Here's a cask of North British from 'The Beatles'-years...

North British 1962 50yo 31.05.1962/24.07.2012, Hogshead#29, 45,2%, 168 bottles, Archives

Light amber in colour

Not getting the fruity impact here as you often do with these old grain whiskies. To get some you really need to take a deep whiff of this. Instead, I get a dusty felling and an (olive?) oily feeling on the nose. Aslo getting a guacamole/avocado greenish note and some licorice and tobacco leaves.

Not as spicy (oaky) as expected for having spent ½ a century in a cask.
Very smooth, in fact... Now getting some of the tropical fruits I expected on the nose to begin with, especially the all-present (in grain whisky) coconut note - also getting banana and tinned pineapple. On the finish, spices show themselves along with some mint.

This North British remains a little dusty with traces of dunnage and old furniture... and definately not an overly sweet one - I like it!

88/100! ...and I'm not that keen on grains - so pretty good IMO!

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