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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


This next dram in this small 3-parter, is from the smallest distillery in Speyside - Benromach Distillery in the town of Forres.

Benromach was closed during the early 80's along with many other distilleries and was silent for 15 years before independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail took started distilling there again in 1998.

Today, G&M runs a very successful operation at the site and it is, IMO, a small distillery certainly worth visiting if you're in the area.

Its an older Cadenhead bottling of Benromach, all the way back to when Cadenhead brought out their bottlings in clear green glass. Back in the day, they filled their casks at a much higher abv% than they do today - which also shows in this bottling here... 61,5% after 20 years in the cask - impressive!

Benromach 1976/1997 (12.76/04.97) 61,5% from an oak cask, Cadenheads Authentic Collection

Colour: White wine

Green soft (soda) drink (DK Specialty?), cut grass, caramel, hay and a bite of alcohol. Also Froggy washing up liquid and vanillas.

Honey, drying then sweet oak, dark musty cellar, cremé on a warm dessert, burnt sugar (cremé brulee style), with water more cask notes comes out to give it a bitter sweet finish.

A lovely Benromach, indeed!


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