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Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Its with the risk of getting flamed by US readers, I'm putting up this post...although some may be very keen on upholding the 21yo drinking rules...? (No, wait - I don't have any US readers not into spirits here)

It seems like the Puritans of America and press is lashing out at the alcohol business once again.
This time with the story how an American teenager easily can buy alcohol through the eBay auction site.

And this is all so bad... why? I really don't get it!
Let the kids get drunk - at least they wont do drugs then when they get their high from the booze. Or does the US just need to revise their legislation on alcohol? I mean, here in Denmark if kids want to drink, they'll drink... they will always find a way to get their hands on alcohol.

Anyway, its a pretty controversial decision for purchasers getting their stuff on eBay IMO... I wonder if this will only apply the eBay US or if other countries eBay sites will be affected as well

You can read more about the whole 'scandal' here and here.

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