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Monday, 3 September 2012


Fabled japanese distillery Karuizawa is fast reaching the same cult status as Scottish counterparts Brora and Port Ellen.

Located in the Japanese Alps, the closed Karuizawa distillery -originally a vineyard- started distilling in 1956, though the first single malt was not released until 1987. It used purely Golden Promise malt for its production, like Macallan previously did. Karuizawa even had it malt delivered from Simpson Maltings in Berwick, UK - talk about a trip around world for that barley!

Well, is Karuizawa any good? Rumors say so...

Karuizawa 1981 57,5%, 1st fill sherry cask#6256, 573 bottles, Number One Drinks Company (closed)

Colour: Light mahogany

Damp tropical forest, woods all sorts, clean spicy sherry coating, hints of milk chocolate, mint and herbal liqueur dressed in pepper, hints of mustard and wood shavings.

Heavy on the alcohol, Medium sweet sherry and hints of peat... then dried fruits and a malty sweetness. Some wood polish and a veggie note, Hint of orange blossom and chocolate. The aftertaste is goes on with wet spicy oak and a thin layer of peat.

Very, very nice too...


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