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Saturday, 15 September 2012


Thursday September 6th, saw the pre-launch of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Denmark.

The Society has been brought to Denmark by Terje Thesbjerg, co-owner and CEO of Select Hotels/Best Western 'Torvehallerne' in the city of Vejle, Denmark.

Vejle is centrally located for most people in Denmark as its close to the bridge connecting the island of Fionia and Zealand further on. Going north you find Aarhus, Denmark's 2nd largest city with a substantial number of whisky enthusiasts, to whom I'm sure the branch in Vejle will be a great addition. Only drawback is for the people up north (200km+) e.g. like me. Still, I ventured to this event in high hopes to see what face SMWS will have to show for themselves in Denmark.

The SMWS Bar in Vejle, Denmark

The venue as such is very much in touch with the Scandinavian style, as one might expect being in Denmark, though a few leather couches also have snug their way in.

John McCheyne, Ambassador for the SMWS, opened the evening with a short speech in Danish.
A pretty good effort for such a short rehearsal time.

After that John explained a bit about the Society in general and their goals and history.

John McCheyne from SMWS
The Dining area

Next up, Terje Thesbjerg & Co. served a 4 course meal accompanied by whisky, wine and beer.

We had:
  • 64.33 'Antics of a Prankster' (Mannochmore)
  • 26.87 'Passion-fruit scented candles' (Clynelish)
  • 4.168 'Gunpowder, treason and plot' (Highland Park)
  • 66.34 'Hornby Double 0' (Ardmore)
  • 30.71 'Burnt Crumpet and Highland toffee' (Glenrothes)
These were enjoyed in the good company of John McCheyne, Chris+1, and a couple of Danish 'whisky regulars' at the table (you know, who you are).

Half way through the evening, we were also entertained by the pretty unique combination of a piper and stand up comedian Claus Reiss - a funny guy indeed - even the attending Scots had never seen that combination - read more about him here.

All very good drams this evening - and if SMWS DK keeps itself up to date and gets all the newest releases every time they show up it has a very good base setup for pleasing the otherwise spoiled Danish punters :-)

Finally, you can visit the Danish SMWS website here

Hint, Hint ;-)) Maybe that big shiny 'Carlsberg' sign in the bar should come down and be replaced with something more Scottish?

Best of luck to SMWS Denmark and thanks to Terje Thesbjerg for the invite to this event!

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  1. that is pretty exciting news for whisky lovers in DK. congrats!