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Thursday, 13 September 2012


Here is one of those bottles you probably only see and try once - ever....

Why? since its a one off - yes, a one off... a hand bottled duty paid sample from a single cask exclusively for the Ardshiel Hotel mentioned in the Glendronach post from Saturday 8th September.

Springbank August 2012 © The Malt Desk

When I spotted this one in bar, I just knew I had to try it.
Amazing colour on it and its my experience that Springbank goes well with port maturation... and even though it was £11 a nip, I treated myself to it, as a dessert :-)

Springbank 17yo, bottled 2012, 54,2%, (full maturation in) Fresh port cask, Hand bottled, Duty paid sample for Ardshiel Hotel & Restaurant

Colour: Dark brown/red - just like an old tawny port

Springbank 17yo for Ardshiel Hotel © The Malt Desk
Amazing how the first thing that hits you is the Springbank character - salt, some peat, heavy oils and pepper. Then the wine hits with an avalanche of crushed red grapes, blackcurrant and even hits of strawberry - and finally going back to a slightly maritime theme on tar, salt and peat. I find this very multi-layered...

Heavy arrival on mainly fruit and what I'll just refer to as 'Springbank' incl. a surprising amount of peat - again very surprising how much original character there's left in this one. After a short while more delicate notes appear - dried fruits, as in your muesli, blackcurrant, some licorice, then huge on wet tobacco and a drying wood, dried red grapes and peat on the finish.

This is a lovely dram - but you'll have to like port finishes to really like this one.

Anyway, I'll bring it up to a solid 90/100!

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