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Monday, 8 October 2012


One of the series from indie bottler Ian Macleod is the 'Chieftain's Choice'-series.
Also from Ian Macleod you'll find 'Dun Bheagan' and NN malts like 'As we get it', 'Smokehead' and the 'Six Isles' blended malt.

More notably Ian Macleod is one of the bottlers turning distiller too, being involved in the Glengoyne Distillery outside Glasgow and more recently in the purchase of Tamdhu Distillery in Speyside.

The bottle I'm about to review have been in storage for a little over 4 years and was had on a tasting recently. I've tried it once before without taking any notes and remember it as pretty good.

Now its time to test my memory...

Bruichladdich 19yo 1989 xx.04.1989/xx.06.2008, 46%, cask#792, Chieftain's Choice

Full straw in colour

Creamy citrus and vanilla, natural caramel, hint of seashore, minerals and apples

Sweet'n'spicy, maybe a refill sherry cask, though the label does not state it. Salty oak and apples again. Now turning very spicy on the finish, and though the finish is short it also provides some drying wet oak and a hint of seaweed.

Very good!


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