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Friday, 5 October 2012


One of the distilleries that closed in Campbeltown during the 1920's was Glengyle Distillery. - this of course in part to US prohibition and the world economic low after World War I.

In 2004, J & A Mitchell & Co. Ltd. - the owner of Springbank Distillery, restarted the distillery.
It was a long time in the making as preparations started 4 years earlier in 2000 with a complete refurbishment, but in March 2004 the distillery was officially opened again. The whisky from Glengyle is called 'Kilkerran' as the name Glengyle is already in use elsewhere.

The malt comes from further down the road - from Springbank Distillery - and uses a lightly peated (6 hours only) malt in their production and the spirit is double distilled. Current releases are the WIP's (Work in Progress) now up to No. IV and is a chance to follow the development of this malt.

Another chance was the one presented to me back in 2007 when I had the chance to bottle some from an ex-port cask in the Springbank/Cadenhead Tasting Room in Campbeltown.

Here's my take on it...

Kilkerran 2004 3yo Port Cask matured 62%, bottled 04.06.2007

Colour is golden with a reddish hue

Spicy oak, mint, sugared English breakfast tea, Flowers (Roses?) and hints of chocolate and peach. Water brings out more sweetness and spicy notes. Hint of banana and citrus in there too...

Initially closed, but a spirit sweetness comes through. Not much trace of the Port at the first sip.
Then peppery oak turning to sweet barley sugar. Hints of wine now and some stale beer (malt)notes. Finally honey and marzipan and salted fruits.

Extremely expressive nose on this youngster, but though pleasant - then palate doesn't quite follow through... but then again its only 3 years old!

Having tasted a couple of the latest WIP's I must say that the Kilkerran spirit is maturing nicely and look forward to the official releases planned for 2016.

The score of this particular young Kilkerran is 76/100!

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