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Tuesday, 23 October 2012


The Autumn always sees new releases and Danish importer FC Whisky has again secured some bottlings exclusively for Denmark.

Like earlier in the year we got 2 single cask bottlings coming our way from indie bottler Signatory. The previous 2 - a Bowmore and an Imperial which were both really good are reviewed here and here.

This time we have a cask of Glenrothes 1996 and a North British 1997 grain hitting the shelves before long. Details on the bottlings can be found on the labels below:

FC Whisky also imports Kilchoman to Denmark and the 7th danish single cask is a 6yo Kilchoman from a fresh ex-bourbon barrel. FC Whisky is the first to bottle a 6yo Kilchoman ever...

Full details on this one are:

Kilchoman 6yo Distillery bottling - Denmark Single Cask Release 7,  fresh bourbon barrel#162/2006.
Distilled 26.07.2006 – Bottled 08.10.2012 - 59,4% - 234 bottles!

On a bright final note, FC Whisky has also announced that they will start importing French Single Malt 'Glann ar Mor' and its peated twin - the 'Kornog'.

The Danish market will get these 3 bottlings from them:

- Kornog - 46%
- Kornog cask strength - 58,7% 'Taouarc'h an Hañv 2012'
- Glann ar Mor - 46%

As the production from Glann ar Mor distillery is limited FC Whisky is very proud to get to represent Glann ar Mor in Denmark. The 'Kornog' peated version recently picked up 95points and a 'Liquid Gold Award' from whisky writer Jim Murray.

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