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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Here's a quick and dirty review of Port Ellen I certainly found at an 'old' price (€172) in a wine shop here in Denmark. Yes, €172 may seem a lot for a Provenance bottling, but then stuff like this usually goes for around €250 or more here...

Port Ellen 1983 23yo winter 83/winter 06 46%, refill butt#3229, Douglas McGibbon Provenance

Straw coloured

Soot, salt camp fire, Fisherman's Friend, sweetness, tar and light peat, seaweed, boiled fruits and some 'old cask effect'.

Candied fruits, sweet malt and then peat and a nip of oak. Fresh scallops and sandy beaches also comes to mind, hot frying pan and warm salad? Oak vanilla and warm camp fire ash...

A good Port Ellen at 23yo - most ones we see now are hitting the 30yo mark, so a nice change in the opposite direction and this one certainly shows lots more than many of the older Port Ellens I've had earlier. (not reviewed on this blog).


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  1. Nice dram Claus. I'm really looking forward to taste something from this Distillery!