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Monday, 29 October 2012


Old Clynelish, especially from the era around where they did large batches of peated malt at the distillery is held in high esteem among malt fans. Oh, and then there's the fact that both distilleries - the new and the old Clynelish were producing at the time - read: they hadn't renamed the old Clynelish to Brora yet...

So does this one come off the new stills on the left side of the road or the old 2 stills on the right side? we'll never know - but lets have a dram here:

Clynelish 1973 33yo 23.07.1973/xx.xx.2006 54,3%, cask#8912, 405 bottles, Signatory Prestonfield

Colour is light straw

Initially grape fruit bitterness, vanilla and oak spices, more than a hint of smoke that dies down to very gentle layer after a while. Some trademark Clynelish waxiness as well as some honeyed notes. It gets much sweeter with time the fruitiness turns a bit more tropical.

Coal smoke, tropical fruits galore here - getting especially banana and citrus fruits and a bit of ginger here, a peppery feeling runs to the front of the mouth and then a layer of smoke reappears with more honeyed fruits on the aftertaste.

This dram will keep you occupied for hours (though you maybe have to re-pour a couple of times!) Just simply a beautiful dram, this one!


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  1. This sounds really great! Would love to have a go at whiskies like this! Cheers!