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Saturday, 27 October 2012


German cult bottler 'The Whisky Agency' is one of the highest rated smaller indie bottlers around. They're know for their sometimes very pretty label featuring everything from sharks to insects and their pretty consistant high quality of their bottlings.

This time, though, I'll be trying an undisclosed malt from them. The distillery name from which this malt comes from, ends on 'clas' - won't take up much of your malt mind capacity to find its origins from that, will it? ;-)

Speyside Single Malt 1995/2012 17yo 46%, refill sherry, 409 bottles, The Whisky Agency in joint bottling with Bresser & Timmer, NL

White wine in colour

Oils, green apples, heavy citrus and flowery notes and sweet white wine

Loads of fruit, freshly cut melon, some spices - then turning heavier into a more boiled fruit style. Finish is drying like a fino sherry and the comes out on top with a bit cereal and malt on the end.

86/100! ... incredible nose on this one!

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