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Wednesday, 17 October 2012


A part from its beautiful location by the Cromarty Firth, Dalmore has IMO rarely comes up with bottlings - both official and unofficial that has blown me away... though no rules with out exceptions - there was this one bottling a few years back by Adelphi - but that's another story entirely... To me Dalmore is insanely overpriced, overrated by the few and ridden with E150. (Sorry, Dalmore - you'll just have to convince me otherwise!)

Moving on... This time I'll try a bottling from the indie bottler 'Wemyss Malts' who like the SMWS like to give their bottlings very ahem ... descriptive names instead of telling us whats really in the bottle.

Anyway, things always gets disclosed and its of course, as mentioned above Dalmore that's in this particular bottling.

Lets try it:

Dalmore 'Tropical Spice' 1990/xx.09.2009 19yo 59,7%, refill butt yielding 767 bottles, Wemyss Malts

Colour is mahogany

Spices, mint, filled chocolates, rum?, herbs, Kahlua? Haribo cola bottle wine gums

Dry sherry, alcohol then mints, high quality dark rum, Mom's candy bowl at Xmas, extremely spicy - going on more oriental and tropical IMHO...

Good stuff, but not entirely up there!

85/100! ...mostly because of the nose.

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