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Friday, 23 November 2012


Aberlour does in particular one GREAT(er) bottling - the no age statement A'bunadh!
That said some batches have been sulphur tainted, though thats more an exception than a rule...

This time, I'll be review 2 expressions (in separate reviews).
Both are a part of their 'Bottle your own'-experience when you visit the distillery.

Both expressions are at cask strength, like the A'bunadh, but older - 16 years to be exact... and even distilled on the same date. The first one is matured in a 1st fill ex-bourbon cask, the second in a 1st fill sherry cask.

Aberlour 1996 (04.03.1996) 16yo 54,4% 1st fill bourbon cask#6837, Distillery - Bottle your own 26.08.2012

Straw coloured

Immense sweetness, vanilla, the sugared burnt almonds and danish marzipan. After that malt, oak and maybe a minimal hint of a soap? Lemon winegums, varnish and meringue.

Again an avalanche of sweetness, but also very oak driven this time, especially on the finish. Aberlour is naturally a very sweet spirit and a 1st fill bourbon cask really gets it going on vanilla, spiced apples and pears, custard and a bit of wet cardboard on the finish... did I mention it was oak driven???

83/100! Good, but not great!

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