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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Next review is from that cult island and cult distillery, Islay and Ardbeg.

Indie bottler, Cadenhead - a sub branch of the Mitchell company in Campbeltown with e.g. Springbank under its wings as well has bottled around 2 casks each year over the past few years. They've done a lot more -of course- but I've been buying my Ardbegs from them on a regular basis since 2006.

Ardbeg 1993 14yo xx.02.2008 46%, 288 bottles from an ex-bourbon cask, Cadenhead Original Collection

Colour is white wine

Sooty peat, salt and damp and musty cellar. Beneath that is an almost cola like sweetness to it. Then some smoked lemon and wet charred wood, grains and a veggie note as well.

Gentle arrival on peat and citrus, then a mashy and veggie note again along with some grass and porridge. It then gets maritime with salt and tar and finishes off on medium level of peat and pepper.

Not a great Ardbeg in anyway, but rather a bit in style like what I associate with the new 'TEN' ... an with that said a bit too 'polished' and 'styled' for me...

I miss something raw and untamed Islay in this one!


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  1. I found this one to be a bit rougher and more masculine than you did. We have very similar notes, though!