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Thursday, 29 November 2012


I think you know by now how much I value bottlings done by Adelphi.
This one is no exception! This cask is the sister cask to the one (#4319) that won the Scottish Field Award in its class in 2011.

Alex Bruce of Adelphi brought a bottle from this cask (#4318) as an extra when he visited last year and boy, was I sure he did that!

Lets talk about why...

Dailuaine 1983 27yo 55,9% refill sherry hogshead#4318, 189 bottles, Adelphi

Colour is glowing amber

Sweet vanilla'ed sherry, red berries, tobacco, fresh cut wood, almonds, chocolate and ginger

Delicious arrival on sweet dried fruits, fairly medium heavy in style though not as heavy as i.e. Mortlach. Then a peppery chocolaty style followed by crushed red grapes and latte style coffee. Very clean sherry style indeed with just the right amount of drying sherry, spices and nutty flavours at the end.

A premium quality dram, this one...


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