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Wednesday, 7 November 2012


After my brief rant about Dalmore and their heavy use of e150 in my Wemyss 'Tropical Spice' (which is not coloured - review here), I recently tried a bottle of Dalmore 12 with an Italian tax stamp from around 1970.

I was thinking about both 'OBE' and oxidation upon opening it and I actually think I experienced a bit of both...

Dalmore 12yo 40% (app. 1959 - Italian tax stamp 1970), Distillery bottling

Description: Clear bottle, high bottle neck, smaller base - large screw cap

Light amber

Natural caramel, fruit, mineral oil (wet stone?) more fruits after a short oxidation, green grapes?
Later it shows licorice and mint

Bitter, drying, fruits again here, mix of sherry and bourbon casks here maybe? Hint of burnt brown sugar and marmelade, slightly herbal too - is there a hint of smoke in here too?

Decent drinkable bottling and very nice notes in it too - sadly, it just fell apart too quickly


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