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Thursday, 1 November 2012


Glendullan is one of those Diageo workhorses you don't really hear about.
Its often been made fun of, because of its name as its whisky has a reputation of being

They have been producing (along with Glen Ord) The Singleton for the American market some time and have recently been renovated, though production seem to have been slowed for some reason in the spring this year when I passed the distillery.

Other than that, it really beautifully located along the Dullan water before eventually reaching the Spey river down by the village of Craigellachie.

But is this whisky really dull? Had this edition on an earlier without taking notes, but lets be more serious this time, shall we?

Glendullan 1978 26yo, 56,6% bott. xx.04.2005,  Rare Malt Series

Full straw in colour

Heavy, hints of a flowery note, fruit - grilled banana and a some herbal notes. With time it gets more of a mashy note to it. Pretty hard to pick stuff out here, I think

Spicy oak, fruits - pineapple even? some nutmeg and honey melon and a little licorice, mint and a coating of natural caramel. Also thinking a part of this bottling comes from sherry casks as I get a particular sweetness here that I normally only get from that type of casks.

This one in particular is surely not dull - actually very good whisky indeed!


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  1. Haven' t come across the Glendullan as yet. This expession looks interesting enough!