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Monday, 19 November 2012


We're back in the village of Rothes in central Speyside for this next review.
This is, as announced in the previous review, the 2nd Signatory release exclusively for Denmark this Autumn.

Had a wee nip of this one in the store about a week ago, where it came across as very promising. Back in the comfort of my 4 walls, I tried out the sample I was generously provided with...

Glenrothes 1996 16yo 17.05.1996/06.10.2012 57,5%, Hogshead#715113, 293 bottles, Signatory Vintage Exclusively for Denmark

Full straw in colour

Honeyed and peppery, heavy on malt with an alcohol nip, hint of apple, nutmeg and tangerines - very warming...

Medium arrival on spices and barley sugar and malt - very straight forward. Turns a bit drying but never bitter. Oranges and hints of chocolate pops up along with hints of strawberries, licorice root and honey.

I found this one very hard to dissect which I find very intriguing.
This is a great drinking malt - and that's what malts are for, right?


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