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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


August 2012 saw my first visit to Isle of Arran - and what a beautiful place this is!
We spent the night on the south of the island at the Lagg Hotel (recommended!).
Good food there and fine rooms - no cell phone reception though, but wireless available there in some parts of the hotel.

Lagg Hotel, Isle of Arran, August 18th 2012 © The Malt Desk

The next day saw us travelling up the west coast of Arran to Lochranza and the Arran Distillery which is among Scotlands youngest distilleries, completed only back in 1995. The whisky from there is now reaching its mid-teens and is - in this bloggers humble opinion - has for a while been having a quality to be reckoned with.

The bottling reviewed below is from early 1996 which makes it some of the oldest yet released, though its not an official bottling...

Isle of Arran Distillery, August 19th 2012 © The Malt Desk

Lochranza (Arran) Distillery 1996 16yo 07.02.1996/xx.04.2012, 52,8% oak hoggie#51 (not specified), 299 bottles, Blackadder

Colour is full straw

Medium heavy nose, oily malt, freshly baked paestry and white fruit and oranges, waxy too plus a little varnish

Arrival om malt and natural caramel, lighter than expected from the nose. Even though this is most likely an ex-bourbon cask, I'm getting something that resembles Fino sherry notes with its dryness. Also getting shortbread and spices, pineapple and banana - incredibly mouth coating!

Arran is maturing nicely - this is great stuff and I suggest you try and hunt down at bottle of this delicious stuff!


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