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Saturday, 3 November 2012


Usually the Karuizawas we see on the market are well aged, though this next one is only about 14/15yo depending on its distillation date in 1992 - that said, this one was also bottled back in 2007 when Karuizawa hadn't reached the hype status it currently possesses.

Another couple of reasons could certainly be that demand is high at the moment and also maybe (a rumour, I know) that a number of casks are reaching a stage in maturation where they have to be bottled if they're not to go OTT and turn into oak juice... Which is right? only a few selected people at No. One Drinks company knows as they sit on whatever stock is left from the Karuizawa distillery (lucky guys !!) :-)

So, how is Karuizawa at a younger age? lets try it...

Karuizawa 1992/20.02.2007 62,8%, hogshead#6978, Number One Drinks Company (closed)

Colour is light amber

Vanilla and hardwood all sorts, balsa wood in particular, a vague smoke and exotic spices, curry in there? I'm thinking American oak sherry hogshead here...

Nutmeg, vanilla with an oaky edge, damp cellar mustiness, gets spicier with water, getting hints of ginger now as well along with oranges and the faintest hint of peat smoke on the finish.

This one is incredibly well balanced, IMO - and extremely drinkable, even at full strength.



  1. Nice one. Difficult to get any Japanese whiskies here in Brazil at all. Where do you get them?

  2. Hi Jan,

    Most common Japanese whiskies are available in the specialist shops here in Denmark.

    Stuff like the Karuizawas and other single cask bottlings, we have to get online and/or auctions as they almost never make it to Denmark at all.