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Thursday, 15 November 2012


Danish importer FC Whisky is the only one who's (so far) been allowed to bottle a 6yo single cask from Islay's smallest distillery - Kilchoman. Its a single cask - actually its the 7th !! single cask they've done for Denmark - a very impressive record, IMO...

Kilchoman is really making a name for itself these days with ex-Bunnahabhain manager John MacLellan at the wheel - so much that they risk of becoming a victim of their own success as their casks from their first production years are going fast...

Rumours says this particular cask here in this review will be the only single cask they will bottle from 2006 - time will tell...

Picture by FC Whisky

Meanwhile, lets try it:

Kilchoman 6yo 26.07.2006/08.10.2012, 59,4%, fresh bourbon cask#162/2006, 234 bottles, Distillery bottling Single cask#7 for Denmark

Straw coloured

Picture by FC Whisky
Vanillas straight of the glass from the bourbon cask along with fresh crispy sweet peat and bonfire notes. Also in here are quite a bit of farmyard after a short while.
Only small whiffs of new spirit are left in this one - hints of a little varnish/paint thinner comes to the surface once in while too along with a slight flowery/soapy hint and green banana - like very young Bowmore... I'm thinking fresh flowers thrown onto a bonfire?

Huge on sweet peat and vanilla, of course, then fisherman's boxes, scallops, peppery, some oils and a bit of lemony notes - everything is clean as a whistle though it doesn't last for that long - i.e. a short finish that requires you to wet your palate often to keep your experience going...

This is not overly complex in any way, but very much a step towards a more mature style Kilchoman and it certainly promises well for the future... This is the same time the best I have yet had from Islay's farm distillery!

85/100! ...for the vibrant young peaty style this one has

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  1. Sounds delicious.Must try to find a Kilchoman somewhere! Nice Review Claus!