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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


We're heading back to the south shore of Islay for this next review. Laphroaig is -to many- a love or hate whisky... but judging by their sales - especially in the US, the lovers sure outweighs the latter.

Laphroaig Visitors Centre entrance - May 2011 © The Malt Desk

This review is about a Laphroaig as it should be... Cask strength, non coloured and non-chill filtered. Laphroaig needs that punchy delivery that can only be done through a high abv% - and this one does that to full effect.

Lets see what we're dealing with here:

Laphroaig 10yo 12.04.2000/28.02.2010, 62,3%, Refill sherry butt#700052, 569 bottles, Signatory Vintage - Denmark Exclusive bottling

Amber in colour

Slightly sulphured, though nothing disturbing - like its adding to the experience rather that dragging it down. Some spirit burn but underneath there's seaweed and the peat, though not as dominant as one would expect in a young Laphroaig. Also some mint in there and a little 'dirty' sherry cask though it does give off some nice dark fruit sweetness - other things that comes to mind are cardboard, tobacco and cow dung.

Very different! as if the peat only runs at the side of your mouth as your mouth waters from the alcohol. A bit kippery for sure too and more of a rubbery style sulphur here on the palate. Burnt plastic, struck matches and wet tobacco leaves + spicy oak and oranges. Water makes it more drying and bitter on the finish.

A powerful young Laphroaig with lots more to offer than its original brethren.
It has quite an edge and is IMO best drunk neat...

86/100! as its still a bit 'dirty' in style - but good fun!


  1. Very interesting this one! Although I'm not so fund of rubber and burnt plastic. I find that regularly in non-Scottish European malts i.e. Ireland, Germany, Switzerland etc. Cheers!

  2. Hi Jan,

    Some of us are very put off by notes of the above, and its my experience that notes like that often also DO so - but its not the case here... it adds to the overall experience