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Saturday, 17 November 2012


North British is probably my favorite grain distillery since I find it more spicy and not cloyingly sweet like most other grains.

This one is a Denmark Exclusive by indie bottler Signatory, imported to Denmark by FC Whisky.
We usually seems a few of these every year and the last few bottlings I've tried have ranged from good to excellent - very good picks from FC Whisky for sure!

2 casks have been bottled and are now ready for the upcoming Xmas sale here in Denmark - a 1996 Glenrothes (will be reviewed later) and this North British - so how is it:

North British 1997 15yo 14.05.1997/06/10.2012 54,5%, Ex-bourbon barrel#246282, 175 bottles, Signatory Vintage Denmark Exclusive

Colour is pale straw

Very sweet, but also very closed at first nosing. I'm not getting much else than a little varnish, wet wood and very little fruit. 15 mins later this baby comes alive with clear vanilla, apricot, creamy coconut, fresh linen and white chocolate. Lovely!

Light arrival, first a spicy oak nip but then it rushes on to a stone fruit theme, mainly nectarines and apricots. The character then turns on more traditional grain whisky notes with a spicy sweetness - all very clean, delicate and crisp.
The finish is very much on tropical fruit, coconut and ginger. Again very delicious!

This one is far from as heavy on the sweetness as older grain whiskies usually are. Instead it shows a vibrant young side to grains that we don't see that much of - and I like that!

Good stuff - no doubt about that!


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