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Friday, 9 November 2012


Again, no need for further introduction to Port Ellen...

Port Ellen 1982 28yo 60%, refill sherry butt#2033, 534 bottles, Wilson & Morgan Barrel Selection

Colour is full straw

Upon initial pour a heavy bacon crisp nose and sweetness. After a short while it gives away to brine, salt, mint, citrus and a wet camp fire style smokiness and hint of chocolate... further time reveals some farmyard notes as well - Lovely nose, for sure!

Very lightly peated, much in style Caol Ilas around the 30yo mark as well. Its sweet, nutty and drying with citrus and also carries a hint of herbs and very delicate sherry notes - very mouth coating. Water brings out more smoke but still preserves much of the same overall notes.

A great Port Ellen this one! No doubt about that!


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